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Simply Great Education

To Actually Influence the World

TJEd Depth is Committed to Developing New Founders Around the World

 This is an intensive mentor-based education for becoming the 21st Century's
Jeffersons, Washingtons, Adams, Franklins, Madisons
Abigails, Marthas, Marys, etc.


It has been said that freedom is only ever one generation away from being lost.
Some of us must get the education that builds and perpetuates a free and prosperous society for generations to come.

Depth Phase Matters

Never in history has a great Depth Phase been more important.
Yet today's bureaucratic, conveyor-belt-style colleges and universities have made great education hard to find and rare to get.


Call us an Un-College, Anti-Conveyor-Belt, Alternative to Higher Ed, whatever you'd like...
No credits, no grades, no B.S.'s, no socialist indoctrination. 
Simply great classics and mentoring.

Simply put, TJEd Depth is designed to help you get An Education to Match Your  Mission.

To become a greatly needed New Founder of freedom in the 21st Century.
To become a man or woman of integrity and wisdom who knows how to effectively stand for freedom, family, leadership and excellence in the modern world.

Three Approaches

There are three ways to approach your TJEd Depth Mentoring

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Looking for

College Level Educational Mentoring


Looking for a different option than the modern conveyor belt college?


TJEd Depth is an intensive mentoring opportunity. 


No credits, no grades, no B.S.'s, no socialist indoctrination. Simply great classics and superb mentoring.


Full-Time Depth Phase Mentoring


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Looking for a Leadership Education while Attending


Looking for a way to continue your Leadership Education while seeking a career or degree?

TJEd Depth will enhance whatever other studies you pursue. 


It will connect your studies with learning, and the principles of freedom, classics and your Mission. 



Concurrent TJEd Studies
for Those in College

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Looking to Continue

Your Leadership Education

as a Social Leader or Professional

Looking for a great Leadership Education to fit the rhythm of family, career, community involvement, etc.?


Do you feel a deep connection with freedom and want a Founder's style education? 


TJEd Depth will help you amplify your Mission Phase learning and effectiveness. 


Great Education
For Those Past College Age


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